Automotive cylinder head

  • High-quality Cylinder head

    High-quality Cylinder head

    model: Piston cylinder
    Applicable car models: Ford FOCUS-DV6 2.2
    Car displacement: 2.2L
    O.E.N.: 908867/1433147/9662378080/71724181/0200GW
    Number of cylinders: 16

    product description:
    It is suitable for automobiles, ships, engineering vehicles, agricultural machinery, generator set,original quality, with good appearance, high density, smoothness, brightness and durability after finishing. Each product has undergone rigorous testing and its quality has been guaranteed. Box packaging has a good appearance and durable production cycle: 20-30 working days, neutral packaging/original packaging, mode of transportation: land, sea and air.

    Working conditions and requirements of cylinder head
    The cylinder head bears the mechanical load caused by the gas force and the tightening of the cylinder head bolts, and at the same time, it is exposed to high thermal loads due to contact with high-temperature gas. In order to ensure a good seal of the cylinder, the cylinder head can neither be damaged nor deformed. For this purpose, the cylinder head should have sufficient strength and rigidity. In order to make the temperature distribution of the cylinder head as uniform as possible and avoid thermal cracks between the intake and exhaust valve seats, the cylinder head should be cooled well.